“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”

—William Styron

Kathleen Cormack

A Chicago native, Kathleen Cormack, holds a Master’s degree in Higher Education administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. In addition to working in education, she also mentors our youth and loves the interaction with the various personalities. Empowering others through positive words remains one of her goals.

She is an advocate for social justice, a huge proponent of education with a great interest in history, particularly African American history. A fitness enthusiast, she is also a body-builder.

She and her husband John are both avid readers and love to travel! They have visited several places through-out the U.S. as well as visits to other countries.

Kathleen’s books are available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Createspace.com, and may also be ordered from various bookstores.

All That Drama-Ladies Let’s Bow

“A refreshing story about faith, friendship and love, All That Drama stands out among today's urban fiction. The characters face real issues and overcome them with a mixture of tears, hope and laughter. This story about four friends will make you laugh out loud and it will touch your soul--an excellent addition to your personal library.”

—Sonja D. Mack, Multimedia Special Projects Editor: Black Enterprise Magazine

All That Drama....

“I absolutely loved -All That Drama: Ladies Let’s Bow- by Kathleen Cormack and felt as if I knew the protagonist, Tricee and her friends personally. Rich characterization, suspense, and intrigue were definitely highlights in this intriguing novel. Family secrets, broken and rekindled relationships, life experiences, and fun made this a delightful reading experience.”

“I hope that this book will be considered for movie and/or television. After reading All That Drama, you will look forward to reading all of the novels in the series and other books by Kathleen.”

—Davita Bonner, June 2016

I am a writer who loves to write....

“Writing allows me to get away from it all, while allowing my brain to conjure up creative story-lines. Reading also allows me a similar feeling. I am relaxed when indulging in a really good book.”

I'm currently looking for readers. Feel free to take a look at my work.

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